Irish Slang Phrases
A female (human)
popular in the so-called "Triangle" area (that's Ballymoney, Coleraine, Portrush). used instead of "mate" e.g. "'bout ye sham" meaning "how are you mate?" Often claimed as an Ulster-Scots term. Ulster Scots is a "language" that has been spoken in Ireland for almost 10 whole years now.
Any News or Gossip??
A snake - sneaky hooer

You are quite un-attractive
Liberal usage, usally used to silence youths
Went quickly or went unencumbered. May have to do without the old idea of having an account or owing money... having a slate, and maybe this the idea of being free from debt...
F*ck off, Piss off, leave me alone

A stupid person.

 "He's some numpty, hi."