Irish Slang Phrases
Physical beating
Keep it real.
Hello sir would it be possible that you may have an extra cigarette that i could borrow

Pissed off .Fed up .Not pleased .
Traditionally, Loughglynn village was built up all on one side.
A major advance.
Apply pressure to the....
Moobs are fatty deposits on a male's chest, which mimic female mammary glands. Moobs is derived from a shortened (combined) version of the term 'man boobs'. Commonly thought to be the result of the eating habits of fat hungry cnuts; however, some modern practictioners suggest that moobs have become commonplace due to the high exposure of the population to estrogen in modern living due to foods, pesticides and plastics. Moobs are generally considered unattractive, however, there are some members of society who are turned on by these hairy fun bags.
Messsing around